This year we commissioned some research to explore if Local Still Matters when delivering remote support for older people in Salford during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The research was undertaken by the University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University and the report outlines the experiences of providing and accessing activities remotely though the Age Friendly Salford network.

Some of the key findings were:

  • Older people are adaptable and quickly engage with new modes of delivery but need support to do so. This should be tailored to individual needs and contexts. Working online does not negate the need for person-centred care and support and can bring the need for this into even sharper focus
  • Remote delivery cannot replace face-to-face experience. Specific activities or support service can be delivered, but it is important to accept what might be lost with the lack of co-proximity
  • The Age-Friendly Salford agenda should continue to engage with different types of places across the city and especially online. Initiatives to support growing older in the city should not be restricted to physical spaces.
  • A city-wide conversation is needed about how to support older people beyond the pandemic. Older people should be at the heart of this.


Read the Summary Report here:


“Older people care about who is providing support and opportunities for engagement. That such activity is delivered by local, and familiar, providers matters immensely and indicates an ongoing need for locally based provision.“