Reflecting on the impactful gathering we recently hosted, “Action Against Ageism,” organised by Age Friendly Salford in collaboration with Inspiring Communities’ Together, Age UK Salford, and Salford CVS, we are reminded of the vital role we each play in challenging age-related biases and nurturing inclusive workplaces. This event marked a pivotal moment within the broader campaign initiated by the Centre for Ageing Better known as “Age Without Limits.” In the face of mounting challenges encountered by older individuals in the workforce, our assembly served as a rallying cry for stakeholders dedicated to dismantling age-related prejudices and fostering environments of inclusivity.


Amidst sobering statistics shedding light on the prevalence of age discrimination, our discussions underscored the urgency of combating ageism. Organizations such as Inspiring Communities Together, the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, Stribe, Avensure, and the GM Business Growth Hub emerged as frontrunners in this mission, spearheading initiatives aimed at cultivating environments where individuals of all ages can thrive.


Led by visionary leadership and fueled by collective commitment, these entities are effecting tangible change, challenging entrenched norms, and advocating for a future where talent transcends arbitrary age boundaries.


As we delve into the insights and strategies shared during “Action Against Ageism,” it becomes abundantly clear that age should never be a hindrance to opportunity. Through collaborative efforts, education, and decisive action, we can pave the way for workplace cultures that celebrate diversity, embrace age inclusivity, and unleash the full potential of every individual, regardless of their age. Join us on this journey as we strive towards a future where ageism is relegated to the annals of history, and where every individual is empowered to flourish, unrestricted by age-based constraints.


Furthermore, our discussions illuminated the multifaceted nature of ageism and its impact on employment practices. From the complexities of the application process to the challenges of digital literacy among older workers, it is evident that ageism presents barriers that must be overcome. However, initiatives such as the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter offer a beacon of hope, promoting standards that prioritize decent pay, job security, employee wellbeing, and inclusive recruitment processes.


Stribe’s commitment to age diversity further underscores the value of intergenerational collaboration in the workplace. By recognizing the unique strengths and perspectives of individuals from different age groups, organizations can foster environments that promote innovation, knowledge sharing, and mutual respect.


Additionally, Avensure’s insights into the legal aspects of age discrimination serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of perpetuating ageist attitudes in the workplace. By addressing issues such as recruitment bias, unequal treatment, and harassment, organizations can mitigate legal risks and create a culture of fairness and respect for all employees.


In conclusion, “Action Against Ageism” has galvanised us to redouble our efforts in combating age-related biases and fostering inclusive workplaces. By embracing diversity, challenging stereotypes, and advocating for meaningful change, we can create a future where individuals of all ages are valued, respected, and empowered to thrive in their careers. Together, let us continue our journey towards a society where age is no longer a barrier to opportunity, but rather a source of strength and enrichment for all.


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“"Attending the 'Action Against Ageism' event was inspiring. The insights shared have motivated me to advocate for inclusivity and diversity in my workplace."“